I’m Back! (+ my depression relapse story)

It feels funny to write “I’m back” after only publishing 2, maybe 3, blog posts…but, here I am! Did you miss me? Thea, Alex and I shared the stomach bug (sharing is NOT caring in this situation) and it was AWFUL…hence why I was gone. Thankfully, we are all back to “normal” now…it’s good toContinue reading “I’m Back! (+ my depression relapse story)”

Let it Go, Let it Go, Can’t Hold It Back Anymoreeee

Yes, I’m a real-life Disney fan, thanks for asking…but, for real…a huge part of “learning how to be a parent” has also been “learning how to let it go”, with some help from Disney movies and Anna/Elsa, for sure. I’m an introverted perfectionist, and it’s not as uncommon as you might think. Often times, individualsContinue reading “Let it Go, Let it Go, Can’t Hold It Back Anymoreeee”

Mama’s, if I Could Give You One Piece of Advice…

“Sleep while the baby sleeps” was by far the biggest piece of advice I received throughout my entire (noticeable) pregnancy. If that was the case, I would have also eaten when the baby ate and washed the dishes when the baby washed the dishes. Right? C’mon folks…it’s 2019, let’s start sharing more realistic, heart-to-heart, truthfulContinue reading “Mama’s, if I Could Give You One Piece of Advice…”